Twitter chats for the military community

July is Month of the Military Consumer – and FTC’s @MilConsumer is hosting a series of Twitter chats for servicemembers, veterans, and their families.

On Tuesday, July 26, @MilConsumer and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office will chat about avoiding scams.Join the conversation at #Milchat: July 26, 1pm Eastern, 3pm Mountain.

Month of the Military Consumer

Servicemembers and their families make many sacrifices to keep the rest of us safe.  They face unique challenges, including the stresses of deployment and frequent moves.  Unfortunately, scammers see those sacrifices as an opportunity to create confusion and drum up endless varieties of trickery to separate military personnel from their money.  

The FTC’s best of 2015

Here at the FTC, we spend most of our time working to protect your consumer rights and promote fair competition among companies. We conduct investigations, bring cases, give people tips and advice, help businesses comply with the law, and advocate for consumer-friendly policies around the world.

Every once in a while, we take a moment to measure our impact and consider what we’ve accomplished. That lets us explain our approach to people and companies that want to know, and helps us plan for the future.